kashmiri instructor wins laurels for producing solar automobile

bilal ahmad produces vicinity’s 1st solar-electric powered vehicle that also can be charged with electrical strength

ahmad, forty, became an overnight sensation in the area after his pictures and motion pictures of the car went viral on social media final month.

even as speaking with anadolu organisation at his home in srinagar, ahmad expressed wonder that his product has received such a effective response and recognition from the public.

“i by no means imagined that my innovation will generate such positive gestures from human beings,” he stated, relating to being known as “elon musk of kashmir” when his sun-electric car went viral.

in 2009, ahmad became deeply touched via an editorial in which he examine that within the coming years, petrol charges could boom exponentially, making it difficult for the common individual to afford a automobile.

“then i determined to expand something that humans should find the money for,” ahmad explained.

years of conflict

while ahmad completed his civil engineering diploma in 2007 from a college in the indian kingdom of bengaluru, he became eager to put his talents and information to use.

two years later, he started out operating on his dream undertaking of making a solar car that become inexpensive to the overall public.

he started out through reading articles and watching movies on social media to better recognize how he may carry out his imaginative and prescient and make it a truth.

“i proceeded with cautious making plans and studies for this mission. i made sure that some thing i was trying to do changed into precise and powerful,” he defined.

so, he commenced analyzing and learning about motors from internationally that came into lifestyles inside the 50s. he became inspired by the work of delorean, an engineer and innovator from detroit within the us who owned the car enterprise dmc.

however, ahmad had to face plenty of hurdles to complete his dream project. the cycles of violence, constrained assets, and monetary difficulties left him disheartened, although he did not surrender.

“while i started running on the assignment, i knew there might be issues springing up out of the state of affairs, but i saved going with it,” ahmad stated.

he spent nearly $18,000 at the assignment and employed at least 10-15 employees to complete the undertaking.


ahmad has received accolades ranging from former iiojk chief minister omar abdullah to indian industrialist and tech titan anand mahindra, who, while admiring his automobile, presented him assistance in expanding the solar-electric powered automobile right into a complete-fledged version.

his automobile is a four-seat luxury solar automobile, in contrast to different sun motors, which usually have seats, he says.

the automobile consists of monocrystalline solar panels attached to its floor area at the the front, upper, and backside, which can be uncovered to the sun to generate maximum energy to run the automobile. additionally, the car has the benefit of charging thru electricity if there may be less availability of solar strength.

“this car is fully automatic and has gullwing doorways to match the gap limits,” he defined as he drove it.

ahmad stated he had a few meetings with the team of anand mahindra to work on his manufacturing, and that his consciousness, for now, is to patent it as quickly as feasible in order that not unusual human beings can purchase it.

“in case your innovation isn’t always for the not unusual true, then it is only a enterprise version. my aim is for the commonplace right, and i am working in the direction of it,” he said.

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